The Baha'i Faith was Introduced into Normanton in the Early 1980's to a local family by a couple of Baha'i Homefront Pioneers, Steve and Mossiana Johns, who lived in Croydon, 150 kilometers to the East. Also an individual Baha'i, Ian Cerny, that had started a Business selling fruit and vegetables from a truck which he drove from his home base on the Atherton Tablelands in far North Queensland, through the small country towns of Innot hot Springs, Mt Garnet, Mt Surprise, Georgetown, Croydon and on to Normanton then Karumba and later on to Burketown and Doomadgee to the West of Normanton.

In 1986 Ian required help with the fruit and vegetable run and employed another Baha'i couple Tony and Annette Bristow-Stagg to take over the run to Normanton and Karumba. By 1988 Ian expanded the run to include Burketown and Doomadgee and Tony and Annette moved to Normanton as Baha'i Homefront Pioneers and did the Normanton and Karumba runs while Ian did Burketown and Doomadgee.

The Late 1980's and early 1990's saw many Baha'i come to Normanton to participate in the many Baha'i Activities that were organised by Ian Cerny. Ian had brought a bus and many trips were done with locals that had embraced the Baha'i Faith at that time.

Pictures of the Road Conditions faced with this trip

The Fruit and Vegetable Truck

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